Monday, September 26, 2011

Dove Hunting 2011

Friday, September 9th, the time had arrived. The long awaited dove hunting trip to Ballinger. Erik, Hagen, Cooper along with our good friends the McMannus', Scott, Grant and Coy, left Friday afterschool for their big trip. Before making it to West Texas, they stopped off in Arlington to attend a Ranger's game. After the game, they headed to Ballinger, an arrived around 2 am. Of course, the boys slept the whole way so they were ready to go that morning. They had a great time on their trip, I tried to talk Erik into blogging about it, seeing that I was not there, but he did not take me up on the offer. He did however take the camera and get some great pictures.

Hagen with his "mojo". And no, I had no idea what they were called. But apparently, they are called "mojos"???

The boys ready to dove hunt.

Hagen shooting with "Mr. Scott".

Hagen and Coy.

Cooper and Daddy learning how to shoot.

Grant with his dove.

Hagen and Cooper with their "dove". They did not kill these themselves, but let's just play like they did.

Hagen and Cooper hanging out.

The Ballinger "Ritz Carlton".

As you can see they all had a wonderful time, and they can not wait until deer season. Harper Kate, Christina and I stayed home. We had a great weekend with crafts, shopping and a movie.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Labor Day

Labor Day Monday, September 5th. We had no big plans, just great time at home. The day started off that morning with a chalkboard paint project. I had seen the most brilliant id a on pinterest, that I could not wait to try. Did I mention that I LOVE pinterest, it has the most wonderul ideas.

Our project started with this old door I bought at Canton.

We first slightly sanded the panels of the door. Next, we painted the panels with a magnetic primer. After allowing the primer to dry for 30 minutes the process was repeated 2 more times.

After applying the magnetic primer, we applied 1 thin coat of chalkboard paint, and then allowed that to dry.

The finished product, a chalkboard. This will hang on the wall of the toyroom. We have yet to hang it up, but hopefully in the near future.
This is the side of one of my kitchen cabinents that we also converted into a blackboard. I am very excited about this, hopefully it will keep track of everyone's schedules.

After our morning full of projects, we headed to Wal-Mart to purchase hunting liscenses. This was Hagen's first hunting liscense and he was soo excited.

Erik and Hagen waited to purchase their liscense.

My boys ready for hunting season.

Shopping wearing their new camo backpacks.

Harper Kate supervising.

And a little Matilda Jane cuteness.

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Sunday Bests...

I have been so behind on my blog. For many reasons, weeks full of PTO activities, shingles and strep throat, to name a few. Anyway, here or a few pictures of Sunday, September 4, 2011.

Harper's first pedicure. Courtesy of Aunt Bobo. How precious are her little toes?

All dressed up and ready for church. I love her wizzard of Oz dress.

Hagen and his crab ship lego masterpiece. I believe this is his reproduction of the "Northwestern".

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