Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top Cat..

Hagen attends Central Elementary, he loves his school and it is right down the street from our house. Central has a reward known as "top cat". Every week. a student is selected from each grade (K-4) as a Top Cat. The student selected is someone with great behavior for the week. When selected they are recognized and wear a green top cat vest, they also get to sit at a special table at lunch and select a different friend to eat with them everyday. Hagen, has waited to be top cat all year, so on Monday, April 23rd he was so excited to hand me a white envelope when he got home from school with this in it...
Hagen had been selected as Top Cat for the week!! Due to testing at the school, we did not get to eat lunch with Hagen until Friday. hagen was so excited his daddy was able to adjust his schedule at work to come have lunch with him!
Hagen, Erik and Harper.
Cooper enjoying his lunch.
Hagen's friend Ryder he picked to have lunch with him.
Ty, is on Hagen's baseball team, he was selected for 1st grade top cat the same week. Hagen was soo excited, and we are so proud of him!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stop N Gough

A few weeks back Erik had gone turkey hunting with my friend's Tiffany's husband Robby. Well, we had planned a fun girls night that Saturday night at a new art studio one of my childhood friends has just opened up, catered fajitas, painting and lots of fun. However, if you read my previous blogs you were informed of the strep throat epidemic that hit my house that weekend. Well, strep throat was at Tiffany's house also that same time period so needless to say our fun night had to be rescheduled. We decided on Friday night April 20th to host the party. Brittney is such a talented artist, and her studio is so neat, she will be offering art classes and fun paint party options. Basically, at the party you would pick a picture she has or bring a picture of a painting and she will instruct you on how to paint it...sounds easy enough right? Ha! We were so happy to have Nancy, Emily, Sarah, and Amanda join us. There was a large baseball tournament going on in Mabank that weekend so a few of our friends could not make it.
This is Nancy drying the texture she added on her canvas before painting.
Britney getting our paints ready for us.
Emily working on her masterpiece.
her finished product....
Tiffaney working on her elephant for her boys' playroom.
Brittney helping Sarah.
Sarah's peacock, how awesome is this?
You should have seen this horse finished, seriously awesome..
And Nancy, again with a hair dryer, finishing up her beautiful tree.
And finally, my little masterpiece, Ha! I decided to paint a picture of my wedding dress, I had gotten the idea off a Hallmark movie, seriously not the most impressive painting there. What a fun night at the Stop N Gough studio. Thank you Britney for making it such a fun experience.

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