Saturday, December 27, 2014

Workday Friday.....

Friday morning , Hagen was so excited to go help his pops work cows.  The highlight of his breaks from school are getting to work with my dad. his pops.

Hagen, Pops and Hailey (the dog)

I just love these pictures.

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Christmas Day 2014

I think Erik and I were awake before the kids, we could not wait to see their faces that morning. I love giving my children gifts on Christmas and seeing their faces and excitement! I don't feel like I am diluting the true meaning of Christmas by doing so.  We make the meaning of Christmas the most important thing in our house, and my children are also taught the meaning of giving to others.  We are extremely blessed to be able to provide for our children, and I love Christmas morning.

Harper's new doll house.

Hagen's toys.

Cooper's toys.

Harper's toys.

The Barbie Glam Camper!

Here she is Sunshine!

Hagen and his treasured pellet gun.

Sophia Grace and Rosie.

Happy Boys..

Going through her stocking.

Playing away in her dollhouse.

His new kicks.

So excited about my new cameo machine.

Going through his stoking.

Introducing herself to Sunshine.  She loves dogs!

After presents at our house we walked over to KK's and enjoyed Christmas morning with her.  Hagen excited to open his new Madden 15 game.
Cooper opening his sketchbooks and Harper her doll cheerleader uniform.

KK was so happy.

A Manning jersey, he was so excited.

Cooper opening up a special cross necklace from KK.

After KK's we came home and started cleaning up for Christmas lunch. Aunt Mae-Mae came over to help out, she also brought the kids presents.  Harper was so excited about her new Barbie bike, as you can see.

Happy Girl!

Nanny, Pops, G-Paw, Blaire, Meghan and KK., came over for lunch.

Opening presents with Aunt Bo-Bo

This was one of his favorite gifts.  A jacket with Superior Livestock embroidered on it, just like his Pops!  You can see how excited he was in his face.

He is my stylish boy, loved his new shoes.

42 and Draft Day.

Mine Craft books!

A cowboy hat just like Pops.

Three generations.

That evening we headed to Athens to look at Christmas Lights, poor Harper was trying her hardest to stay awake.

Our good driver.

Two happy boys.

Merry Christmas Ya'll


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On Monday, two days before Christmas, Hagen went with his Great- Grandad (G-Paw) to Happy Tails animal shelter to pick a dog out for granddad for Christmas.  His had recently died and he needed a new friend.  He ended out picking up an Australian Shepard named Star.  While there Hagen met a dog named Sunshine, and it was love at first sight.  Hagen is not a huge dog fan, and has never asked for a dog to my knowledge, but as soon as he returned home that day he started relentlessly begging for the dog.  I said No No No over and over and then.....


Handwritten letters...anyone that knows Hagen, will know that this is a BIG DEAL!
Then he said mom, maybe I can ask Santa, I know he could do it.  Mom we would be saving her life and giving her a home.  My heart was breaking.
So after lots of sweet talking, I persuaded Santa to give sweet Sunshine a chance.  Hagen was still begging Christmas Eve morning, so I told him his only hope was Santa Claus and a Christmas Miracle.  He said, "How mom? Christmas is tomorrow" I told him to write Santa a note and I would text a picture to Santa's special hotline.

Is that not the most precious letter ever?
Hagen went to bed Christmas Eve, hoping for his Christmas Miracle.
Christmas Morning he got his miracle.  This is the sweetest dog, and so well behaved. We are so glad Sunshine found a home here.

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Christmas Eve

I somehow do not have any pictures of Christmas Eve,,,, I am so mad at myself about that.  Christmas Eve morning started with me working in The ER until about one that afternoon, when I arrived home Erik was just arriving home with the kids from a DQ trip, and I had quite a bit of cooking to do for Christmas Day.  While I was busy cooking, Erik busied himself making deer jerkey, and the kids had quite a few cookies to decorate for Santa. Of course we enjoyed watching our Christmas favorites, The Nativity Story and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation that afternoon.

That evening we ended a candlelight service at our church that evening with lots of family and friends, it was beautiful and I cherish that service and the beautiful music and decorations.  After church, we headed to Denny's to eat with my mom and sisters for the second year in a row, quirky I know but we enjoyed it.

After returning home, we let the kids pick one gift to open, a tradition Erik enjoyed as a child after his family returned for midnight mass.  Hagen picked a gift with under armour underwear and Mabank Panther socks.  Cooper enjoyed a gift with a new hoodie and t-shirts in it.  Harper was SO EXCITED to open a gift with an Isabelle outfit in her size.  I can still hear her scream in my head, it was priceless!

A Merry Christmas Eve!

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Birthday Busy Day

Sunday, December 21st, was Harper's actual birthday, my sister Blaire and I had planned months back to take her to Brunch with Santa at the American Girl Store.  I had missed so much church lately, I decided to stay behind and Erik took my place.  She was so excited to go.

Ready for brunch with her Isabelle doll. 

Sad I could not be there, but I love this picture of Daddy and Harper. He said he had the best time, and she LOVES her Daddy.
Santa making his entrance.

Telling Santa all about it...a Lalaloopsy doll, and a Barbie camper.

And...we can't forget bye-bye hugs.

Blowing out her Birthday cupcake.
After breakfast and Church, we headed home and had Christmas dinner at Erik's mom's house with Erik's brother Adriene and family, his Aunt Patsy also came in and one of her grandsons Jaxson.  After a great lunch, we headed to Athens to watch Harper's Nutcracker performance.

The most beautiful Snow Angel.
The ballerina bunny she got at intermission.
And, the finale....
After the show, we swung by Taco Casa, the birthday girl's request, and headed home.  A wonderful day.

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