Saturday, December 27, 2014 are my sunshine.....

On Monday, two days before Christmas, Hagen went with his Great- Grandad (G-Paw) to Happy Tails animal shelter to pick a dog out for granddad for Christmas.  His had recently died and he needed a new friend.  He ended out picking up an Australian Shepard named Star.  While there Hagen met a dog named Sunshine, and it was love at first sight.  Hagen is not a huge dog fan, and has never asked for a dog to my knowledge, but as soon as he returned home that day he started relentlessly begging for the dog.  I said No No No over and over and then.....


Handwritten letters...anyone that knows Hagen, will know that this is a BIG DEAL!
Then he said mom, maybe I can ask Santa, I know he could do it.  Mom we would be saving her life and giving her a home.  My heart was breaking.
So after lots of sweet talking, I persuaded Santa to give sweet Sunshine a chance.  Hagen was still begging Christmas Eve morning, so I told him his only hope was Santa Claus and a Christmas Miracle.  He said, "How mom? Christmas is tomorrow" I told him to write Santa a note and I would text a picture to Santa's special hotline.

Is that not the most precious letter ever?
Hagen went to bed Christmas Eve, hoping for his Christmas Miracle.
Christmas Morning he got his miracle.  This is the sweetest dog, and so well behaved. We are so glad Sunshine found a home here.

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