Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cooper's Pre-School Program

Thursday, May 19th was Cooper's end of the year Pre-School program/graduation. Cooper of course did not graduate this year, the graduation ceremony was only for the 4-5 year olds. Cooper and his class had been working on the program for months and he was so excited. Unlike Hagen, Cooper loves to sing, and he had been belting out his rendetion of God Bless America, for weeks. "From the oceans to the faries" like I said that was Cooper's version. The kids really did a great job. They sang many songs, recited nursery rhymes, states and capitals and even square danced.

Cooper marching in, he was so focused.

Cooper and his friends singing.

Of course Harper and I spent most of the program walking around with her sloberring all over me.

Harper Kate, Cooper and his friends, Laurel and Beau. Unfortunately Laurel's dad is deployed in Afghanistan and she her mom and sister where here for six monts staying with family, they will be returning to South Carolina in July when daddy comes home. Cooper will be so sad but I am happy Laurel will get her daddy back.

Cooper had a great year at Pre-School. I am so thankful for this little school and the wonderful Christian women that teach there.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My little Indian

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Superhero Thursday...

So we finally did it. Cooper's princess dolls are boxed up on a shelf in the laundry room. He is actually taking it pretty well. He just became so obsessive with them, I could not take it anymore. So we have been looking for other things to do. He plays alot more outside and that is so nice. He has decided out of the blue that he likes superman now and he needed a cape. Well when he asked for one, I did not want to go to Wal-Mart for fabric so I found some scraps that somewhat resembled superman colors. I quickly sewed it together for him. He loves to "fly through the air" with it. Of course, after Hagen came home from school he decided that he was in desperate need of a batman cape.

Superman and Batman.

Flying through the air!

Oh, how I LOVE having boys. I seriously wonder sometime about women that dread having them?? I have the most fun. I do have to add that there are times that I find Cooper putting his superman cape around hid head to look like Rapunzel. I am hoping that tendancy will go away..

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A huge thank you!

I would just like to personally thank everyone for their donations and support in the Alabama supply efforts. We collected soo much. We where able to ship three huge boxes for direct distrubution to the affected areas, and we supplied a whole truck load full of water and food supplies to The First United Methodist church in Mabank to be taken to Alabama. I am so very grateful for everyone that contributed through donations. And thankful most of all to God, because he is the one that put everything together.

All the supplies donated from Brucevill Eddy ISD. Thanks so much to my sister, Meghan for coordinating this.

A car load full of supplies.

Our second shipment of supplies to Alabama. Look at all those diapers.

So as you know I was doing a blog giveaway for all those who donated. It just so happens that my wonderful bow maker Shannon with Cary Hairbows, made so many that I have enough to distribute to everyone that donated to me directly.

Thanks to everyone that contributed!

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Pretty faces

She loves to suck her thumb!
Sweet girl.

Silly boy.

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Mother's Day

Mother's day was so wonderful this year. I am so thankful to have my dream job of being a wife and mother. I have the three most beautiful children in the world. They are healthy and I am so grateful. I thank the Lord for this wonderful challenge of raising them, he has blessed Erik and I with. Hagen my sweet and caring boy. Cooper my non-waivering independent child. And Harper my pretty little girl. Did I mention I am blessed beyond measure.
Thursday and Friday, the boys made it home with their gifts they had made in pre-school for me. I LOVED them, they are so special.
How lucky am I?

Had to show these. Do you see how Hagen has decorated the gift bag and paper rose with football and baseball fields.

My cards from the boys. Hagen's handwritting has improved so much this year.

My wonderful gift from Erik. A silver tea service. I have wanted one of these for ever! And he remembered! He found one in an antique store. I can not wait to have it engraved, and I am so excited to pass it down to Harper one day. I have already used it, at my Halcyon club meeting I hosted on Tuesday.
We attended church that morning and had Harper's Baby Dedication service. After church, we headed to the Ranger's game with the boys. Harper stayed at home with my mother in law Kathy and sister Blaire. We had a great time, this was Cooper's first game.
Loving the Ranger's game.

Cooper has a new favorite food...cotton candy!

What a great Mother's Day.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Harper Kate's Baby Dedication

Baby dedication was Sunday May 8, 2011. Mother's Day. I don't believe we could have picked a better day to dedicate our little girl. A beautiful day with a beautiful little girl. Our church only does baby dedication every couple of years so there was quite a few babies and toddlers to dedicate. Our Pastor Brent read beautiful scripture and presented the charge to the congregation and parents. Harper behaved wonderfully and did not cry, I was shocked! Those of you that have met Harper know that she likes to make her presence known. I do have to say that my little girl looked beautiful that day. She wore the dress that she came home from the hospital in. This dress is by far my favorite and I was so excited when I found that she could still squeeze into it for this special occasion. Since this dress has been worn to all her momentous events, I wanted to add something special to it. I came across a picture of a label that had been hand embroidered and sewn into a dress on the internet. I just thought it added such a keepsake touch. I contacted Alicia, who I came in contact through my friend Leslie. Alicia is like a creative genious. She also has an etsy store, where she sells hand made and hand embroidered dresses. You can find all her contact info on her blog. They are wonderful, you should really check her out. I asked her to make me a label similar to what I had seen, that I could sew into Harper's dress.

This is what she created, I am beyond pleased. I sewed it into the slip of the dress. I think this makes her dress that much more special, hopefully she can hand it down to her daughter one day. I plan on having it framed in the future. Alicia exceeded all my expectations.

Waiting for the service to start. I am in LOVE with her hairbow, made to match her dress by Shannon at Cary Hairbows. Beautiful ivory ribbon, lace and hand sewn pearls.

I am so thankful for the lives of all three of my children, and am in awe that God has blessed me that I may be the one to raise them.

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Opening week of Baseball Season.

Well it is finally here, opening week of baseball. Monday was susposed to be Hagen's first game but do to the rain, it was rescheduled for this Saturday. Hagen was so dissapointed he has had his uniform laid out in his room for a week. So Friday afternoon, he was so excited to play his first game. And I am so upset to report that I forgot my camera!! But I did get a shot before we left the house.

My little Indian.

Our first game went well. Hagen plays second base, and has really improved since last season. His hitting was great, and he had a good time. We did loose in extra innings. Ok, and I am so not a sore looser, but I am a very competitive, but I am not sure if they know how to keep score correctly i Eustace, just sayin....:) I will definately have pictures next week.

Saturday morning, Cooper had his first Co-ed T-Ball game. I can't say he was thrilled but he showed up none the less. His litlle team is called the Thunder Pups, they are all 3 and 4 year old, and adorable. It was so much fun to watch them play.

Cooper on second and then hitting the ball.

This is my favortie picture. This is Lexi, and she and her family go to church with us. Her parents coach the team. You can see she is plopped right in the middle of the field during the game. Her dad would come pick her up and everytime he would turn around she would plop herself right back down. So funny!

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Flag Football Season Ends

Hagen had such a fun time playing flag football this season. They learned so much, and I am so glad Mabank has started this league. We had a great experience.

Hagen with his end of the year trophy.

The Giants!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BLOG GIVEAWAY- A custom hairbow for support of tornado victims.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has contacted me about contributing to our supply efforts. My awesome sister and some of her fellow teachers have even started a can food drive at their school. On Sunday, I contacted Harper Kate's AWESOME hairbow maker Shannon at Cary Hairbows about contributing to a blog giveaway, as an incentive to donate. She has graciously donated thirteen hair accesories. More than I could ever have asked for! Thank you so much Shannon! I just have to say her hairbows are so adorable and absolute perfection. Here are some pictures of a few of the bows up for giveaway. The first one is might absolute favorite!
These are just a few of some of the great bows she has made for this good cause.

So Now back to the important issue. Helping those that have lost their homes and posessions. I am happy to say that our first round of supplies have reached Alabama today, and will be distributed to those in need tomorrow.

We are hoping to send much more on Friday.

Ways to enter the giveaway:
1) If you have contributed supplies or shipping donations to me, leave a comment with your name and email saying that you have done so on this blog or under this facebook post and I will enter the comment on the blog for you.

2) If you have donated to Rachel Killian or the MHS National Honor Society, leave a comment saying that you have done so. Or if you have donated supplies in your home town directly going towards tornado victim relief.

3) Make a donation to the American Red Cross and leave a comment letting me know you have done so.

The giveaway ends Wednesday May 11th at 8:00 pm. At that time I will choose a comment number using


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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Supplies for Alabama

Hi everyone,
Wow what a week this has been, in this country and especially the south. The more pictures, and information released the bigger impact the destruction makes on me. I feel so deeply for those who have been affected by this horrific storm. I can help but count my sweet blessings that this was not my family. And oh, how easily this could have been. Please take a peek at this YOU Tube video that was taken in my East Texas town of Mabank, Tuesday afternoon. I am so thankful to the good Lord we were spared. Homes were just slightly damaged to my knowledge and no injuries or deaths.

That being said, I feel the need to help. Even though it may just be a small speck in what is needed. I came across a mama from Alabama on a facebook page Saturday night, describing the devistation in her area. She luckily is fine and still has here home, but MANY she knows do not. I felt led to contact her through facebook, and offer to send supplies. The mail is delivering in her town as it was not hit the hardest. But the area she was from 20 minutes away was destroyed. They are in need of supplies such as: baby formula, diapers, canned food, bread, water, pillows and blankets to name a few. I am gathering supplies and will hopefully be able to ship Tuesday and Friday of this week. But I need help!! If you would like to donate supplies, or contribute to shipping costs please contact me through this blog or facebook. I had her email me pictures of the destruction of the area I am targeting helping. The pictures speak for themselves!

Please consider helping!

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