Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Halloween, and I must say the three cutest kids in the neighborhood. We conviniently live right in the middle of town, so we don't have to leave our neighborhood for some trick or treating action.

My Sweet kids.

Trick or treating at Nanny's

Trick or treating at Mrs. Nancy's, Cooper could wait to go to the door.

Making the neighborhood rounds.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let's Go Rangers

The sign the boys made for our little ranger watching party.

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Friday, October 21st we headed off for our first family camping trip (other than to the deer lease). After picking Hagen up from school on Friday, we finished loading up and off we went. KK was gracious enough to keep Harper for the weekend. So it was just Erik and I and the boys. We were excited. We were joining some friends of ours and their family at Whispering Trails just outside of Tyler. We took our 5th wheel that Erik uses for Deer Hunting, it is probably around 20 years old. When we arrived in Tyler and stopped we noticed we were missing something...
Yes part of our door must have blown off while travleing down I-20. I sure hope it did not cause any accidents!

Riding bike, having fun and meeting new friends.

Riding down to the pumpkin carving contest with Trace, Trent and Michelle.

Picking their stencils, ready to carve.

Cleaning the "guts" out. Yucky...Says Cooper, not show sure about it..

Mommy and Daddy carving away.

Trent was a winner..

Pumpkins galore.

Hagen and Cooper with their finished products.

Later, that afternoon the RV resort hosted a hay ride for the kids with trick or treating around the park. The boys were so excited to get to wear there costumes for the first time.
Green Lantern and Superman. My Superhero's

Travis, Trent, Trace, Hagen and Cooper.

On the trailor, ready to trick or treat.

We had a wonderful weekend, even though late Saturday night it came thunderstorm and our trailor sprung a few weeks. We have fallen in Love with camping. The boys had the best time and we can not wait to go back soon!

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10 Months of fun...

Friday, October 21st, Harper Kate turned ten months old. Life is getting fun around our house! She is into everything! But so much fun!

Pretty Little Girl...

Need I say more!!

Harper Kate,
What a joy you are! And so so very active, into everything. You remind me so much of your oldest brother Hagen when he was a baby! YOu are such a happy girl.
At 10 months:
You have 5 teeth, two on top and three on the bottom.
You have tried real milk and can drink out of a sippy cup.
You love all kinds of food.
YOu still nurse around 3 times a day.
You LOVE your brothers and want to be where they are and doing what they are doing at all times!
You are pulling up on everything and crawling, you are so fast!
You say hi, bye, momma, dada, and yeah! And love to clap.
You still LOVE to suck your thumb, I really believe it is your best friend.
You love to look at books and play with your brothers' cars.
You stay with Mrs. Nancy around 1 day a week and are adjusting quite well.
You love to pull up on the side of the bath tub while your brothers are bathing and talk to them.
You love to stand at the window and bang on it and say "dog" while looking at Ubo.
Your hair is starting to grow, it is auburn colored and i can but small little clippies in it that you will actually leave in.
You wear a size 4 diaper, 18 month clothing and a size 4 shoe.

Mommy and Daddy

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Lost tooth..

Hagen has been waiting "FOREVER" to loose a tooth, in his words. Most of his friends have already lost multiple teeth. So it finally happened Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at approximately 7:30 am. The week before, he had discovered it was a tiny bit loose and was so excited. However, that Monday, when it was very loose, he was scared to death. He was out of school that day and called Erik and myself crying. Erik even was going to run home at lunch that day and check on him, because I was working. Hagen was staying with KK. Tuesday morning he came out of his room with tears in his eyes, the tooth was hanging by a thread and bleeding a little. I begged him to let me pull it ....no. Can I take you to daddy and let him pull it....No. How about Pops?? Can he pull it NO.... Maybe Mrs. Busby? His kindergarten teacher, who just happens to be the resident tooth puller at the school....No. Ok, Hagen it does not just fall out, I have to help you....Ok Mrs. Busby can, but you have to go to the school with me and stand by me whil she does it...Ok! I said, and then what do you know! While I was getting dressed he came into my room holding his tooth! See mom, I told you they fall out! And just like that everything was better! The Tooth Fairy visited that night, and he was so excited the next morning.

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The Golden Ticket

At the elementary school, they have rewards known as Golden Tickets. These are little tickets that are handed out for good behavior, kindness, etc. When you receive a ticket you go to the office and pick a price. Well, one of the prices is a mustache! Hagen had been trying for a few weeks for a ticket where he could have a mustache, and he finally got one!

So excited, after school that day.

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The Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, October 8th we headed to the pumpkin patch in Canton for the afternoon. We have been going to this place since Hagen was 1 1/2. It is grown so much over the last few years, and the boys really enjoy going.

Picture time! They were such troopers, they could not wait to go play.

Sweet big brothers.

Happy girl.

My sweet kids, and Cooper with his blue shoes. I guess you choose your battles!



Entering the Corn Maze.

Stops and card punches. Learning farming facts.

Daddy and Harper Kate.

What a great time we had at the pmpkin patch. Later that night, we had the Mcmannus' and the Donnells over over and enjoyed pulled pork and brisket. The boys played outside until well after dark. There were seven boys and one girl at our house! A great Saturday.

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