Thursday, March 31, 2011


Saturday morning began with breakfast and a continuation of the flower bed makeovers from the day before. At eleven, Hagen had is second flag football game, we were all very excited. The boys have improved so much after having some practice and it is so much fun to watch them play. The boys won and Hagen caught a pass and pulled a flag off a runner, he was so excited! Of course, Harper was crying and requiring all attention, and I missed Hagen's big reception ;(, hopefully there will be another one soon.

This picture was Hagen right after he caught the pass, I think he was in shock that he acutally caught it!

After the game.

And of course Harper Kate in her "cheerleading" uniform;)

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Friday....The Livestock Show

Friday, was another beautiful day and the boys were so excited because Erik had the day off. That morning Harper and I headed to Tyler to run by the mall and the fabric store, while Erik and the boys worked on the flower beds. I just have to say, that shopping with Harper is one of if not the worst shopping experience I have ever had. She refuses to ride in the stroller and screams the entire time. Seriously, at Hancock fabrics, four women let me cut in line in front of them so I could check out, she was screaming that bad. A total stranger held her and bounced her up and down, while I finished paying. Needless to say, after that store our shopping trip came to an end.
When we got home that afternoon, the boys were dressed and ready to go. We headed to Athens to the Henderson County Livestock show. I took the boys last year and they loved seeing all the animals, they could not wait to go back this year.
Cooper ready to go.

The boys had a great time practicing their turkey calls in front of the turkey, and seeing the pigs, steers, goats and colts.

Such a beautiful Friday.

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Thursday Visits and Adventures

Last Thursday Erik's grandmother (Mimi) and Aunt Patsy came to Mabank to visit. It was such a beautiful day and we had such a great time. This was Mimi's first to meet Harper in person. Harper is Erik's grandmother's eighth great-grandchild, but the FIRST girl! So needless to say she was very excited.

Mimi and Harper.

We had a great visit and are so glad they got to come. That evening the weather was so nice, we decided to walk to Shorty's Soda Shop on Market St. for sandwich's and ice cream. It is the neatest old fashioned soda shop, the boys love it there, especially there strawbery Sundays.
Everyone loaded up ready to go. As you can see, Cooper is in a mood. I know, BIG shock! He had fallen asleep on the toy room floor about twenty minutes before we decided to leave. And, the moment you see above is where he and Erik had just finished arguing over if he would walk or ride in the stroller. Cooper won!

So when we finally made it to the soda shop, they had already closed because they were still following winter hours. Erik decided we should walk a little further down the street to the Mabank Cafe or (Mom's as we call it). This place has wonderful home cooking. We had just sat down at the table and ordered and this happened....
Yes!! Those are paper towells sticking out of Harper's bloomers. She EXPLODED her diaper, for a lack of lady-like terms. And of course her being the third child and this trip taking twice as long as I had planned, I forgot her diaper bag. And please exscuse my no make-up self in this picture. At this point, I convinced Erik that it would be a good idea if he would call his mother and have her come rescue us, seeing that it was already begining to get dark. KK to the rescue, brought us a diaper bag and a car.
Hagen and Cooper having a great time.

All in all it was a great Thursday!

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We had such a fun day last Tuesday, having lunch at the Dairy Place, unfortunately I forgot my camera! Please read my friend Leslie's blog entiltled Too fun Tuesday to find out more!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Princess Harper is 3 months old.

Monday Harper turned three months old. I can not believe she is this big. And I am terribly sad, it is going by too fast! I remember with Hagen, I could not wait for him to do the next new thing, but with her I just would love for her to stay this size.

Dear Harper,
We can not believe how big you are getting. Time is really flying by and I so wish I could freeze it. Everyday you change a little, and you discover something new in your little world. We love you so much, and are so excited about watching you grow into a young lady. Things you are doing at three months:
-You have started to smile when we talk to you, and you have the biggest grin, and your mouth is wide open when you smile.
-You sleep 12 hours at night from 8-8, and I am so thankful.
-You were size 2 diapers and they are getting a little snug.
-You love your brothers, even Cooper, I believe he is starting to grow on you.
-You have started to suck your thumb at night, it is so sweet to hear you sucking away on the baby monitor.
-Your eyes are still a dark blue color.
-You wear atleast 3-6 months clothes, and have just moved up to nine months in sleepers.
-You have fat little thighs and chubby cheeks.
-You are still breast fed, eating around 5 times a day. You absolutely hate bottles and only have them when necessary. And then it is extremely hard to get you to take one.
-You cry ALOT, more than your brothers ever did. You need someone giving you attention at all times.
-You have started attending the Church nursery.
-You love Matilda Jane and Cary Hairbows, Ha Ha!
-Your little birthmark on your left cheek has grown outward but not in diameter! Thank you God, and I mean that in the most respectful way.

We love you so very much,
Mommy and Daddy

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Cooper's Collision

Well T-Ball season is fast approaching, and Hagen is in full practice mode here at the Tijerina residence. On Monday, after Erik got off work, he and Hagen headed to Hibbett's to buy a new baseball bat, apparently we had misplaced the old one. Hagen had been looking forward to this the whole day. My dad had actually came by our house early that morning, before Hagen had left for school and that was all he could talk to his Pops about. When the boys returned from the sporting store, they both had new bats and Cooper had a new pair of tennis shoes. Erik tends to feel sorry for Cooper at times, him being the middle child and the large number of hand me downs I make him wear. If I am not there to monitor the shopping excursions things get a little out of control, especially at the sporting good store. Ha! Like I have any room to talk, you should see Harper Kate's closet.

That evening we had supper started, Erik was cooking on the grill and Hagen was, in his words "knocking the fire out of the ball", aka. hitting off the tee. I had decided to run down the street and drop off my friends Matilda Jane order, that she had placed at my trunk show. Oh my! when I returned I found the neighbor boy hiding in the ditch, and Erik in the garage yelling at me "to get out of the car". He was holding poor Cooper who had a large cut above his left eyebrow and blood running down his head. So calmly I got out and proceeded to ask what happened. My first question was "Did I run over him"? Those of you who know my driving skills that is a very reasonable question, but I knew I had watched when I backed out. "NO! Hagen hit him in the head with the bat". Apparently, Cooper had walked up behind Hagen while he was batting, and wham. I do have to say that Hagen's swing has really improved since last season! Finally, after talking my frantic, (ex-paramedic, ex-ER nurse, nurse practitioner) husband down, we decided to go up to Erik's clinic and stitch him up. We dropped Hagen off next door at our WONDERFUL neighbors the Johnsons and Erik, Cooper, Harper and I headed to do a little surgery. May I add, I am so sad to loose the Johnson's as neighbors, they will be moving to Tyler this year, because "Mr. Tim" is the new Tyler Fire Chief!

We arrived at the clinic, wrapped Cooper in a sheet, kind of like a mummy, and I held him down while Erik sewed him up and Harper screamed in her carrier. Cooper handled it like a champ. I am so proud of him. He slept with us so we could watch him close, his eye is still terribly bruised with five stitches. Hopefully it will heal before our Easter pictures next Saturday.

That night after the stitches. I am sure you can understand why I do not have before pictures. His eye is much more bruised now.

The slugger.

The bat.

....and the next morning.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

What a beautiful spring day. The boys spent most of the day outside playing and cooking food made out of mud in there clubhouse. Cannon, one of Erik's coworkers litte boy also came over to play. Here are some pictures of the kids sporting their green.

Harper Kate in her green dress. Courtesy of Matilda Jane.

Hagen, Cooper and Cannon

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Happy Anniversery

On Sunday, March 13th, my husband Erik and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversery. Wow, 7 years and 3 kids later. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and great marrige. We went to Dallas on Saturday evening and ate at one of my favorite resuraunts, Hibuscus. We then stayed the night at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas. The next morning, we had lunch at the Audi club at the American Airlines center and attended a Dallas Stars Hockey game. We both had never been to a hockey game, we had a great time. So thankful my husband planned such a wonderful trip.

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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Yes! Spring is here. I am so excited to be outside with my now "3" children. Last Friday we decided to take an adventure to the Dallas Zoo. My sister, Meghan, aka. "aunt Mae-Mae", was out on spring break and she thought it would be a great adventure. So off we went on our little field trip. Our first one since the arrival of baby Harper. I did get a little sinking feeling in my stomach when we arrived and saw approx. 15 school busses lined up in the parking lot. Mae-Mae and I were going to have our work cut out for us. But I do have to say, Harper did great and my boys were so well behaved, I breathed a sigh of relief. We had a great time!

The entrance of the Dallas Zoo

The boys loved the elephants.

Aunt Mae-Mae, Hagen and Cooper. As you can see Cooper was not really in the mood for pictures, so true to form.

Feeding the Giraffes. As you can see right about the time we started to feed them, we got mobbed by a bunch of 4ft. tall aliens, aka. kindergartners. I was amazed how the Giraffes just came right up to you.

The Alligator. Not sure who the little girl is put she was adiment about joing in on the picture!

Loved the Camels.

The Zoo has an exhibit right now, "Ghosts of the Bayou". This was perfect for Hagen. Those of you who don't know, Hagen loves the show,"Swamp People", on the History Channel. For Christmas he actually asked for a toy swamp boat, where he could go what he calls, "swamping". We live in East Texas, but not deep East Texas, there are no Bayou's in Mabank. However, there is a large lake where my friend Lauren's dad actually caught an Alligator a few years back. Maybe I should let Hagen go fishing with Mr. Tommy?

Alligators, Sankes and my sweet boy Hagen.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nanny!

Saturday was such a busy day between flag football, a Sunday school party and that evening a 60th Suprise Birthday for my mom, which was held at our home. The party came together pretty last minute my sisters and I begining to plan it two weeks ago. What can I say I am a little last minute, but everything turned out great. We had about twenty five friends and family that evening and had a wonderful time. We feasted on Hernandez's catered fajitas, YUM! And of course, no birthday party would be complete without Cherry Laurel Butter Rum Cake. If you never have tried this, they are located in Athens, and this is the best cake ever. Such a blessing to be able to come together and celebrate my mother's last sixty years.

Tables decorated and ready. We used fresh flowers and pictures of my mother through different stages of her life to decorate the tables and had pictures hung on my mantle.


Hagen and Grandpa Frank. Erik's dad was in town visiting and able to celebrate with us.

Cooper and Payton making their way to say suprise and Happy Birthday!

Friends and Family

The Birthday Cake.

My mother, aka "Nanny".

Are you ready for some football?

Saturday, was the long awaited first game of the season. Flag football season that is. Hagen and three of his pre-school friends Drew, Payton and Austin spend their recess practicing every day! They are by far the youngest team because their age groups goes to first grade. However, they think they are players in the NFL. Well, atleast they have an NFL team name, The Giants. On Friday, Kara, Chrysta and I spent the morning making "cheerleader" uniforms for the little sisters. Kara and Chrysta worked on red and blue tutu's and I embroidered Giants shirts. Sadly though, on Saturday it was so cold that the babies did not even get out of the car to sport their uniforms so I do not have pictures yet, but don't worry they are soon to come.

Hagen in his jersey ready for the big game.

Warming up to play.

Hagen playing center snapping the ball.

Drew taking the snap in the backfield, Payton ready to run.

It was so cold up in those bleachers, but what a wonderful time we had watching them play. We did loose to the Cowboys, but that was ok the boys had a great time. Oh, and just to add Hagen is so excited to play at what he calls "Panther Stadium" I call the High school football field.